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Isfahan - Gabbeh carpet - hand knotted Persian rug - 136x100

  • Try for free at home
  • Free delivery and within a week free return
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Two rugs become one
  • Hand selected in Iran
  • Natural materials and rich colors

First try at home
We have personally picked and manually merged together two rugs to show the face of a new generation in Isfahan in Iran. We are so proud that we want you to try it for free at home for one day. Only if the rug fits perfectly you may settle the bill. Within a week your carpet will be delivered at in your home. We won't charge you for the delivery or return and we will give you a two year guarantee.

Two rugs becomes one
These carpets that became one unite two worlds that were previously divided. By combining a Gabbeh with a Vintage rug, nomad and city life blend together into one. A unique new pattern arrises, rustic and refined.

Natural materials and rich colors
The wool of the Kohne rug is naturally worn beautifully by its age and it's vibrant gold and red colors slightly faded over the years. This complexity and contrast in this rug make it a statement for the bold hearted. Of course the carpet will be washed multiple times and finished manually.

  • Size: 136x100
  • Material: wool on cotton
  • Thickness: 2 centimeter
  • Technique: hand knotted, 290000 knots per m2
  • Main colour: gold, red
  • Detail colour: blue, creme
  • Age: 40 years
  • Rug number: LEME2107-35

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